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Mechanical Definitions

Needle Nozzle : It is a streamlined hydraulic turbine nozzle having a movable element which is used to convert the pressure and kinetic energy in the pipe that is leading from the reservoir to the turbine into a smooth jet of variable diameter and discharge but practically constant velocity.

Negative Rake : The orientation of a cutting tool is called negative rake whose cutting edge lags the surface of the tooth face.

Nibbling : The technique of contour cutting of a material through a reciprocating punch which takes repeated small bites as the work is passed beneath it.

Non Conventional Methods of Machining

Nose Radius : The radius is called nose radius which is measured in the back rake or top rake plane of a cutting tool.

Notch : A device which is used to measure the rate of flow of a liquid through a small channel.

Notching : The method of cutting out different shapes from the ends or edges of a workpiece.

Notching Press : It is a mechanical press which is used to notch straight or rounded edges.

Nozzle : It is a mechanical device which is used to control the characteristics of a fluid flow as it exits or enters an enclosed chamber or pipe.

Nuclear Power Plant : It is a power plant which is used to convert nuclear energy into heat for use in producing steam for turbines which in turn drive generators that produce electric power. It can be termed as Atomic Power Plant.

Nut Arbor : An arbor is called nut arbor which is used for finishing the nuts to shape them. It is also called Nut Mandrel.

Nut Machine : It is a machine used for cutting, drilling and tapping nuts using a bar or rod.

Nut Shanks : The shanks of bits which are designed to be used with large wooden handles.