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Mechanical Definitions

U-bend Die : It is a die having a square or rectangular cross section which provides two edges over which metal can be drawn.

Underhung Crane : It is an overhead traveling crane in which the end trucks carry the bridge which is suspended below the rails.

Unitary Air Conditioner : It is a small self-contained electrical unit with a motor-driven refrigeration compressor, evaporative cooling coil, air-cooled condenser, filters, fans, and controls.

Universal Grinding Machine : It is a grinding machine which has a swivel table and headstock and a wheel head that can be rotated on its base.

Unloading Conveyor : It is one of several types of portable conveyors adapted for unloading bulk materials, packages, or objects from conveyances.

Unsin Engine : It is a rotary engine in which the trochoidal rotors of eccentric-rotor engines are replaced with two circular rotors. One of the rotors that has a single gear tooth upon which gas pressure acts and the second rotor has a slot which accepts the gear tooth.

Unsprung Axle : It is a rear axle in an automobile in which the housing used to carry the right and left rear-axle shafts and the wheels are mounted at the outer end of each shaft.

Unsprung Weight : The weight of the various parts of a vehicle which are not carried on the springs, such as wheels, axles, and brakes.

Updraft Furnace : It is a furnace in which volumes of air are supplied from below the fuel bed or supply.

U Bolt : It is a bolt which is shaped like the letter U and fitted with threads and a nut at both ends. It is also called Clip as a spring clip on an automobile.