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Mechanical Definitions

V'S : The ways shaped like a V which are either raised or sunken to serve as a guide for a movable table or carriage.

Valve Guide : It is a channel that supports the stem of a poppet valve for maintenance of alignment.

Valve Head : The disk part of a poppet valve is called valve head which gives a tight closure on the valve seat.

Valve Lifter : It is a device used to open the valve of a cylinder as in an internal combustion engine.

Valve Stem : The rod by which the disk or plug is moved to open and close a valve. It is most commonly used on automobile and bicycle wheels but also for other applications.

Variable-speed Drive : It is a mechanism that is used to transmit motion from one shaft to another which allows the velocity ratio of the shafts to be varied continuously.

Vertical Band Saw : It is a band saw whose blade operates in the vertical plane. It is ideal for contour cutting.

Vertical Boiler : It is a fire-tube boiler consists of vertical tubes between top head and tube sheet, connected to the top of an internal furnace.

Vertical Broaching Machine : It is a broaching machine which consists of the broach mounted in the vertical plane.

Vertical Guide Idler : The idler rollers about 3 inches (8 centimeters) in diameter so placed as to make contact with the edge of the belt conveyor should it run too much to one side.

Vibratory Hammer : It is a type of pile hammer that uses electrically activated eccentric cams to vibrate piles into place.

Vicker's Hardness Test : It is an indentation hardness test in which a diamond indenter is used in the form of a square based pyramid.
Hardness = 1.844 P / D2
where P = load applied in kg. and D = (D1 + D2) / 2