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Mechanical Definitions

Wagon Drill : It is a vertically mounted, pneumatic, percussive-type rock drill which is supported on a three-wheeled or four-wheeled wagon.

Wall Bracket : It is a shaft hanger which is frequently attached to a wall or post. In other words, it is a bracket which is attached to a wall and used as a support.

Washer Cutter : It is a machine which has a fixed center and either one or two adjustable cutting points for cutting washers from leather, rubber, etc.

Waste Lubrication : It is a type of lubrication which has packing oil-soaked waste in a journal box. It is common practice on railway cars.

Water Hammer : It is a pressure surge or wave results because of sudden stoppage of water flow or change in a flow direction. Usually it occurs when a valve is closed suddenly at the end of a pipeline system, and a pressure wave propagates in the pipe.

Water-tube Boiler : It is a steam boiler in which water circulates within tubes and heat is applied from outside the tubes in order to generate steam. It is used for high-pressure boilers.

Weir : It is a small over flow type dam which is generally used to raise the level of a river or stream. In other words, an obstruction of a stream flow over which water flows can be called a weir.

Worm and Worm Wheel : It is a gear arrangement which is used for transferring motion in a direction at right angle.