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Mechanical Definitions

Zero Offset : On an NC unit, it allows the zero point on an axis to be relocated anywhere within a specified range, thus temporarily redefining the coordinate frame of reference.

Zero Point : It is the origin of a coordinate system.

Zipper Conveyor : It is a type of conveyor belt having zipperlike teeth which mesh to form a closed tube. It is used for handling fragile materials.

Zirconium : It is a metal which can be used as a getter in hard vacuum electron tubes. Its symbol is Zr. Its atomic number is 40. It is used as an alloying agent due to its high resistance to corrosion.

Zone Leveling : It is the method of zone refining which is used to distribute impurities evenly throughout the bulk of the material. Zone purification is the process of zone refining used to reduce the concentration of an impurity in a material.