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Welcome to an online exclusive reference and handbook for Mechanical Engineering Industry, this website has technical description in details, question answers on several topics in Mechanical Engineering, say from Screw to Jet Engine, additionally you will also find Charts which you can take print out, Formula’s and Calculator Tools Online, CMMS Software Cloud base, Technical Definitions, Videos on advance topics and to test your knowledge we have engineering Quiz and much more.
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Different types of Mechanical Power Transmission

Devices for the mechanical transmission of power constitute the basic unit from which all kinds of machines are built up. Using these devices where by certain actions can be performed when certain motions are performed. Every mechanism consists of individual elements whose movements are in relation to one another are positive, the motion of one element produces an accurately determinable and definable motion of every individual point of the other elements of that mechanism.

There are several combinations and or modifications possible but there are six basic types of mechanism... Click Here

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Fineblanking is a specialized precision stamping, metal forming process that combines cold extrusion and stamping technologies. The Fineblanking was invented by Mr. Schiess of Germany in 1923........Click Here

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Learn How To Do Underwater Welding..

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