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Connected Load : The sum of the continuous power ratings of the load-consuming apparatus connected to a generating system.

Maximum Demand : The greatest demand of load on the power station during a period is known as maximum demand. Maximum demand meter is used to measure the maximum demand in power stations. It indicates maximum loading current over a period.

Demand Factor : The ratio of the maximum demand on the power station to the total connected load.

Average Load : The average of loads taking place on the power station in a given period.

Load Factor : The ratio of average load of a power plant compared to the maximum demand during a given period.

Diversity Factor : The ratio of the sum of individual maximum demands compared to the maximum demand on power station.

Plant Use Factor : The ratio of kWh generated to the product of plant capacity and the number of hours for which the plant remains in operation.

Load Curve : The graph that plots load on the power station with reference to time.

Load Duration Curve : The graph that is obtained when the load elements of a load are arranged in order of descending magnitudes. It shows the capacity utilization requirements for each increment of load. It illustrates the relationship between generating capacity requirements and capacity utilization.

Dump Power : It is generated by a source which is in excess of the needs of the electric system and which cannot be stored or conserved.

Firm Power : The power that is always available even under emergency conditions.

Prime Power : The maximum potential power that is constantly available for transformation into electric power.

Cold Reserve : The reserve generating capacity available for service but not in operation.

Hot Reserve : The reserve generating capacity available in operation but not in service.

Base Load : The unvarying load occurs almost the whole day on power station. In other words, The minimum amount of power that a utility or distribution company must make available to its customers.

Peak Load : The maximum load or the maximum average load over a designated interval of time.

Tariff : The rate at which electrical energy is supplied to a customer.