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Mechanical Definitions

Portal crane : It is a jib crane which is carried on a four-legged portal which is built in order to run on rails.

Post Brake : It is a brake which is occasionally fitted on a steam winder or haulage. It has two upright posts mounted on either side of the drum that operate on brake paths which are bolted to the drum cheeks.

Pot Die Forming : The process of forming sheet or plate metal by means of a hollow die by the application of pressure that causes the workpiece to assume the contour of the die.

Power-actuated Pressure Relief Valve : It is a pressure relief valve which is connected to and controlled by a device which is used to utilize a separate energy source.

Power Control Valve : It is a safety relief device which is operated by a power-driven mechanism instead of by pressure.

Power Drill : It is an electric drill.

Power Saw : It is a power-operated woodworking saw, a bench or circular saw for example.

Power Shovel : It is a power-operated shovel which is designed to excavate and remove debris. It carries a short boom on which rides a movable dipper stick carrying an open-topped bucket. In other words, it is a bucket equipped electric machine that is used for digging and loading earth or fragmented rock material.

Power Station

Power Stroke : The stroke in an engine is called power stroke, during which pressure is applied to the piston by expanding steam or gases.

Precision Grinding : The process of grinding to specified dimensions and low tolerances.

Precooler : It is a device which is used to reduce the temperature of a working fluid before it is used by a machine.

Press Slide : It is a reciprocating member of a power press. The punch and upper die are fastened on it.

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