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Riveted Joints Back

Normal Diameter : The diameter of the rivet when cold is called nominal diameter.

Gross Diameter : The diameter of the rivet when it is fully inserted in the rivet hole.

Edge Distance : The distance between the centers of the outermost rivet and nearest edge of the member or cover plate.

Lap : The distance between the edges of overlapping plates or between the joints and the ends of the cover plates which are measured at right angles to the joints.

Gauge Line : The line of rivets which are parallel to the direction of stress.

Gauge Distance : The perpendicular distance between two adjacent gauge lines.

Pitch : The distance between the centers of adjacent rivets in the same row.

Flat or Leaf Springs : It is also called Laminated Springs. These springs can function as structural members in addition to being energy absorption devices and as such these are widely used in automobiles. Laminated steel spring is generally of semo-elliptical type. The leaves are generally held together by a centre bolt and are prevented from lateral shifting by clips.

Wire Ropes : The rope which is made of twisted strands of wire. It is best suited for applications where large amount of power is to be transmitted over long distances.
  • Cross or Regular Lay Ropes : In this case the directions of twist of wires in the strands is opposite to the direction of twist of the strands.

  • Parallel or Long Lay Ropes : In this case the directions of twist of the wires and strands are the same.

  • Composite or Reverse Laid Ropes : In this case the wires in two adjacent strands are twisted in the opposite direction.

Bearing Life : The life of a bearing is usually expressed in millions of revolutions. It can be expressed as number of hours at various relative speeds.