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Mechanical Definitions

Refrigerated Truck : It is an insulated truck which is equipped and used as a refrigerator to transport fresh perishable or frozen products.

Refrigeration Condenser : It is a vapor condenser in a refrigeration system where the refrigerant is liquefied and discharges its heat to the environment.

Relief : It is a passage which is made by cutting away one side of a tail stock center therefore the facing or parting tool may be advanced to or almost to the center of the work. By removing the tool material, clearance is provided around the cutting edge.

Relief Angle : The angle is called relief angle between a relieved surface and a tangential plane at a cutting edge.

Relieving : The process of treating an embossed metal surface with an abrasive in order to reveal the base-metal color on the elevations or highlights of the surface.

Return Idler : It is an idler or a roller beneath the cover plates on which the conveyor belt rides after the load which it was carrying has been dumped.

Reversible-pitch Propeller : It is a type of controllable-pitch propeller having either controllable or constant speed. It has provisions for reducing the pitch to and beyond the zero value to the negative pitch range.

Revolving Center : It is a center which is used in lathe machines in order to hold the job in position.

Rigid Coupling : It is a mechanical fastening of shafts which is connected with the axes directly in line.

Rigid Crusher : It is a solids-reduction device with a rotor having loose crushing rings which are held outwardly by centrifugal force which crush the feed by impact with the surrounding shell.

Riveted Joints

Robins-Mesitr-System : It is a stacking conveyor system in which material arrives on a conveyor belt and is fed to one or two wing conveyors.

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