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Mechanical Definitions

Kaplan Turbine : It is a propeller-type water turbine which consists adjustable blades for load change with sustainde efficiency.

Kata Thermometer : A type of alcohol thermometer which measures low velocities in air circulation by heating the large bulb of the thermometer above 100F (38C) and noting the time it takes to cool from 100 to 95F (38 to 35C) or some other interval above ambient temperature. The time interval is considered as measure of the air current at that location.

Katharometer : It is a thermal conductivity device to determine the presence of small quantities of gases in air by measuring the change in thermal conductivity of the air. It is also called Thermal Conductivity Cell.

Kauertz Engine : It is a cat-and-mouse type rotary engine in which the pistons are vanes which are sections of a right circular cylinder. Two pistons are attached to one rotor so that they rotate with constant angular velocity, while the other two pistons are controlled by a gear-and-crank mechanism, so that angular velocity varies.

Kellering : It is a technique of three-dimensional machining of a contoured surface by tracer-milling the die block or punch. A tracer controls the cutter path and follows the contours on a die model.

Kelly Ball Test : It is a type of test to determine the consistency of concrete. It is made by measuring the penetration of a metal ball into the surface of the concrete. It is considered to be simple and faster than Slump Test.

Kew Barometer : It is a mercury barometer which needs no adjustment for the variation of the level of mercury in the cistern as pressure changes occur. Instead, a uniformly contracting scale is used to determine the effective height of the mercury column. It has a contracted scale.

Keyboard Perforator : It is a typewriter-like device which is used to prepare punched paper tape for communications or computing equipment.

Keyseater : It is a machine which is used to mill beds or grooves in mechanical parts which receive keys.

Kickback : It is a backward thrust, such as a backward starting of an internal combustion engine when it is cranked or the reverse push of a piece of work when it is fed to a rotary saw.

Kickdown : The process of shifting to lower gear in an automotive vehicle.

Kick Over : It is a process which is applied to internal combustion engine to start firing.

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