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Mechanical Definitions

Knock-off : The automatic stopping of machine when it is not operating properly.

Knockout : It is a partially cutout piece in metal or plastic which is forced out when a hole is needed.

Knock Rating : The rating of gasoline according to knocking tendency is called Knock Rating.

Knuckle joint press : It is a short-stroke press in which the slide is actuated by a crank which is attached to a knuckle joint hinge.

knuckle post : It is a type of post which acts as the pivot for the steering knuckle in an automobile.

Knudsen Gage : It is an instrument which measures very low pressures. It is used to measure the force of a gas on a cold plate beside which there is an electrically heated plate.

Knudsen Reversing Water Bottle : It is a frameless reversing bottle with reversing thermometer used to collect water samples.

Knudsen Vacuum Gage : It is a device used for measuring negative gas pressures. In this device a rotatable vane is moved by the pressure of heated molecules, proportionately to the concentration of molecules in the system.

Knurl : To provide a surface with small ridge or knobs to ensure a firm grip to a metal.

Knurling : It is a manufacturing process, typically conducted on a lathe in which a visually-attractive pattern is cut or rolled into metal. This pattern allows hands or fingers to get a better grip on the knurled object than would be provided by the originally-smooth metal surface.

Konimeter : It is a device which is used to measure dust in mine atmosphere. A measured volume of air is drawn through a jet impacts on a glass surface coated with glycerin jelly. The adherent dust is then examined and the particles are counted under the microscope. Also known as Zeiss konimeter.

Koniscope : A Koniscope (or coniscope) is a scientific instrument used to detect dust particles in the atmosphere.

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