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Mechanical Definitions

Kick's Law : It can be stated as the energy needed to crush a solid material to a specified fraction of its original size is the same, in spite of the original size of the feed material.

Kick Wheel : It is a potter's wheel designed to work through a foot pedal.

Kingpin : A pin is called Kingpin which is used for articulation between an automobile stub axle and an axle-beam (or steering head). It can be called Swivel Pin.

Kink : It is a tightened loop in wire rope which results in permanent deformation and damage to the wire.

Kiss-roll Coating : It is a process of coating a substrate web in which the coating roll carries a metered film of coating material when part of the film transfers to the web and part remains on the roll.

Klydonograph : It is a device which is attached to electric power lines to estimate certain electrical characteristics of lightning through the figures produced on photographic film by the lightning-produced surge that carried over the lines. The size of the figure is a function of the potential and polarity of the lightning discharge.

Knee Mill : In Knee Mill the part which supports the saddle and table and it can move vertically on the column. It is a very versatile machine which is usually found in job shops and tool and die shops. It is also called knee-and-column mill.

Knee Pad : It is a protective cushion which can be strapped to a worker's knee. It is usually made of sponge rubber.

Knee Tool : It is a tool holder with a shape resembling a knee, for instance the holder for simultaneous cutting and interval operations on a screw machine or turret lathe.

Knife Coating : The technique of coating a continuous-web substrate in which thickness of coating is controlled by the distance between the substrate and a movable knife or bar.

Knife-edge bearing : It is a balance beam or lever arm fulcrum in the form of a hardened steel wedge. It is designed to minimize friction.

Knock Intensity : The intensity of knock (detonation) recorded during the testing of a motor gasoline for octane or knock rating.

Knockmeter : It is a fuels-testing device which is used for measuring the output of the detonation meter that is used in American Society for Testing and Materials knock-test ratings of motor fuels.

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