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Mechanical Definitions

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) : It is a method used to generate electricity which uses the temperature difference exists between deep and shallow waters to run a heat engine.

Octane Requirement : It is fuel octane number which is required for efficient operation (without knocking or spark retardation) of an internal combustion engine.

Oil Dilution Valve : A valve is called oil dilution valve when it is used to mix gasoline with engine oil to allow easier starting of the gasoline engine in cold weather.

Oil Pump : It is usually a gear pump driven by the camshaft or crankshaft and an internal part of the automotive engine. It sucks the oil out of the engine's oil pan by a wire mesh strainer and pumps the oil through an oil filter before it goes to the bearings.

Oil Ring : It is a ring which is located at the lower part of a piston designed to prevent an excess amount of oil from being drawn up onto the piston during the suction stroke. In other words, a ring on a journal which is dipping into an oil bath for lubrication.

Oleo Strut : It is a type of shock absorber used on aircraft landing gear which consists of a telescoping cylinder that forces oil into an air chamber by means of compressing the air.

Open-circuit Grinding : It is a technique in which material passes through the grinder without classification of product and without recycle of oversize lumps.

Open-cycle Engine : It is an internal combustion engine in which the working fluid is discharged after one pass through boiler and engine.

Opening Die : It is a die head for cutting screws which opens automatically to release the cut thread.

Opening Pressure : The pressure at which discharge is initiated. It is a static inlet pressure.

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