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Mechanical Definitions

Open Washer : It is type of washer which is partly cut away so it may be slipped around a bolt and does not entirely remove the nut. It is also known as Slip Washer.

Opposed Engine : It is a reciprocating engine which has pistons on opposite sides of the crankshaft with the piston strokes on each side working in a direction opposite to the direction of the strokes on the other side.

Ordinary Gear Train : It is a type of gear train in which all axes remain stationary relative to the frame.

Orifice : It is an opening in a vessel to measure the flow of a fluid from the vessel.

Orifice Mixer : It is a conveyor on which pulverized solids are moved through a pan or trough bed which is attached to a vibrator or oscillating mechanism. It is also referred as vibrating conveyor.

Oscillating Granulator : It is a solids size-reducer in which particles are broken by a set of oscillating bars arranged in cylindrical form over a screen of suitable mesh.

Oscillating Screen : It is a solids separator in which the sifting screen oscillates at 300 to 400 revolutions per minute in a plane parallel to the screen. It consists of a flexible woven mesh which is made of rubber or plastic and attached to oscillating arms moving in opposite directions.

Oscillation : The repetitive variation typically in time, of some measure about a central value or between two or more different states. In other words, it is a backward and forward motion as in a pendulum. The term Vibration is used to mean mechanical oscillation but sometimes it can be used as the synonymous of oscillation.

Out of Gear : When teeth of gear wheels are disengaged or when the driving mechanism of a machine is disconnected from the set of the machine by clutch or other means, they are said to be out of gear.

Output Shaft : The shaft is called an output shaft which is used to transfer motion from the prime mover to the driven machines.

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