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Mechanical Definitions

Abate : In terms of metalwork to excise or beat down the surface to create a pattern or figure in low relief.

Abrasive cone : An abrasive-sintered or shaped into a solid cone rotated by an arbor for abrasive machining.

Absolute units : These are the units derived from the fundamental units of length, mass and time.

Absorption system : A refrigeration system in which the refrigerant gas in the evaporator is taken up by an absorber and then, with the application of heat, released in a generator.

Accelerator pump : A small cylinder and piston which is controlled by the throttle of an automotive vehicle which provides an enriched air fuel mixture during the process of acceleration.

Accelerograph : An accelerometer having provisions for recording the acceleration of a point on the earth during an earthquake or for recording an other type of acceleration.

Access road : A route, usually paved, that allows vehicles to reach a designated facility expeditiously.

Ackerman steering gear : A standard thread which have a profile angle of 290 and a flat crest which can be used on power screws in devices as automobile jacks, presses and lead screws on lathes. It can be also termed as acme thread.

Adamantine drill : A core drill with hardened steel shot pellets that revolve under the rim of the rotating tube, employed in rotary drilling in very hard ground.

Adder : Circuitry carrying out arithmetic and logical operations.

Aeration tank : A fluid contained in a tank to expose to fresh air its contents by bubbling air or another gas through the liquid or by spraying the liquid into the air.

Aerofall mill : A large diameter grinding mill with either lumps of ore, pebbles, or steel balls as crushing bodies, the dry load is air swept to remove mesh material.

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