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Mechanical Definitions

Antifriction bearing : A bearing having the capability of reducing friction effectively.

Anvil : The machine part that absorbs the energy delivered by a sharp force or below. It can also be reffered as stationary end of a micrometer calliper.

Apex : Apex is the highest point, peak, or tip of any structure in terms of architecture or construction.

Applied Mechanics

Automobile Engineering

Arc cutting : A group of cutting processes where severing of metals is affected by melting with the heat of an arc between an electron and base metal.

Arch Dam : It distributes the major parts of the forces acting on it by arch action to the abutments in the rock forming walls of the gorge in which is built. This kind of dams are located in a narrow gorge with sound. In arch dam, stability is obtained by a combination of arch and gravity action.

Arrester : Any mechanical device used to stop or slow up motion.

Articulated type connecting rod : A type of rod used on V, Y, X, or radial engines in which the crank end of the rods is joined to a master rod.

Automatic centre punch : A centre punch constructed when pressure is applied a spring controlled hammer contained within the handle is released with sufficient force to cause the point to leave its mark on metal.

Automatic clutch : A clutch which can be operated by vacuum from the intake manifold and controlled by the accelerator pedal.

Automatic pilot : A group of units which when combined with electrically and mechanically form a system capable of automatically controlling the flight of an aircraft.

Automatic screw machine : A machine for the rapid and accurate production of small parts such as screws, bolts, bushings, etc. Material in the form of a bar is fed into position to permit the necessary machining operations. After set up it can be operation automatic.

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