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Mechanical Definitions

American bond : A bond in which every fifth, sixth, or seventh course of a wall consists of headers and the other courses consist of strechers. It can also be known as Common bond and Scotch bond.

Ammonia compressor : A device that decreases the volume of a quantity of gaseous ammonia by the amplification of pressure. It is used in refrigeration systems.

Ammonia condenser : A device in an ammonia refrigerating system that increases the pressure of the ammonia gas in the evaporating coil, conditions the ammonia, and delivers it to the condensing system.

Amplitude : The distance covered by a particle for vibration.

Anchor : A vehicle used in steam plowing and located on the side of the field opposite that of the engine while handling the tension on the endless wire by pulley.

Angledozer : A power operated machine fitted with a blade, adjustable in height and angle, for pushing, sidecasting, and spreading loose excavated materials as for opencast pits, clearing land, or leveling runways. It is also known as Angling Dozer.

Angle of recess : The angle which is turned through by either of two wheels in gear, from the coincidence of the pitch points of a pair of teeth until the last point of contact of the teeth.

Angle press : A hydraulic plastic molding press with both horizontal and vertical rams. It is used to produce complex moldings with deep undercuts.

Angular bitstock : A bitstock which are positioned to permit its use in corners and other cramped areas. It is also known as angular bitstock.

Angular gear : A gear that transmits motion between two rotating shafts which are not parallel. It is also known as angle gear.

Angular milling : Milling surfaces that are flat and at an angle to the axis of the spindle of the milling machine.

Angular shear : A shear affected by two cutting edges inclined to each other to reduce the force needed for shearing.

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