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Mechanical Definitions

Cable conveyor : A powered conveyor in which a trolley runs on a flexible, torque-transmitting cable that has helical threads.

Cable duct : A pipe, either earthenware or concrete, through which prestressing wires or electric cables are pulled.

Cage mill : Pulverizer used to disintegrate clay, press cake, asbestos, packing-house by-products, and various tough, gummy high-moisture-content or low-melting-point materials.

Calliper : A tool principally used for measuring the diameter of circular work. They are of two types : inside and outside callipers. Also used to measure the thickness of paper in thousands of an inch.

Calorifier : A device that heats fluids by circulating them over heating coils.

Cam acceleration : The acceleration of the cam follower.

Camber angle : The inclination from the vertical of the steerable wheels of an automobile.

Cam cutter : A semiautomatic or automatic machine that produces the cam contour by swinging the work as it revolves; uses a master cam in contact with a roller.

Carbon knock : Premature ignition resulting in knocking or pinging in an internal combustion engine caused when the accumulation of carbon produces overheating in the cylinder.

Cardon shaft : A shaft with a universal joint at its end to accommodate a varying shaft angle.

Carnot engine : An ideal, frictionless engine which operates in a Carnot cycle.

Cartridge starter : An explosive device which, when placed in an engine and detonated, moves a piston, thereby starting the engine.

Cement gun : A machine for mixing, wetting, and applying refractory mortars to hot furnace walls. Also known as cement injector. A mechanical device for the application of cement or mortar to the walls or roofs of mine openings or building walls.

Central gear : The gear on the central axis of a planetary gear train, about which a pinion rotates. Also known as sun gear.

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