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Mechanical Definitions

Computer aided design : It is used to solve and enhance the solution of design and drafting problems.

Concrete mixer : A machine with a rotating drum in which the components of concrete are mixed.

Condenser tubes : Metal tubes used in a heat-transfer device, with condenser vapour as the heat source and flowing liquid such as water as the receiver.

Cone clutch : A clutch which uses the wedging action of mating conical sufraces to transmit friction torque.

Contact condenser : A device in which a vapour such as steam, is brought into direct contact with a cooling liquid, such as water, and is condensed by giving up its latent heat to the liquid. Also known as direct-contact condenser.

Continuous mixer : A mixer in which materials are introduced, mixed, and discharged in a continuous flow.

Contrarotating propellers : A pair of propellers on concentric shafts, turning in opposite directions.

Cooling degree day : A unit for estimating the energy needed for cooling a building; one unit is given for each degree Fahrenheit that the daily mean temperature exceeds 750F (240C).

Cooling range : Lie difference in temperature between the hot water entering and the cold water leaving a cooling tower.

Cooling Tower : These are used to cool the hot water. The water transfers the heat to air.

Coordinate system : It is a method of representing points in a space of given dimensions by coordinates.
  • Rectangular (Cartesian) Coordinates : The features on a drawing or solid component are positioned by means of dimensioning from two mutually perpendicular datum surfaces.
  • Polar Coordinates : The features on a drawing or solid component are dimensioned by means of a radial distance from a datum point and an angular displacement from a datum line or datum edge.
Corliss valve : An oscillating type of valve gear with a trip mechanism for the admission and exhaust of steam to and from an engine cylinder.

Cottered joint : A joint in which a cotter, usually a flat bar tapered on one side to ensure a tight fit, transmits power by shear on an area at right angles to its length.

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