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Mechanical Definitions

Centrifugal classification : A type of centrifugal clarification purposely designed to settle out only the large particles (rather than all particles) in a liquid by reducing the centrifuging time.

Centrifugal compressor : A machine in which a gas or vapour is compressed by radial acceleration in an impeller with a surrounding casing, and can be arranged multistage for high ratios of compression.

Centrifugal governor : A governor whose fly weights respond to centrifugal force to sense speed.

Centrifugal Pump : It uses a rotating impeller to increase the velocity of a fluid. It works by the conversion of the rotational kinetic energy, typically from an electric motor or turbine, to an increased static fluid pressure.

Centrifugal tachometer : An instrument which measures the instantaneous angular speed of a shaft by measuring the centrifugal force on a mass rotating with it.

Chain block : A tackle which uses endless chain rather than a rope, often operated from an overhead track to lift heavy weights especially in workshops. Also known as chain fall; chain hoist

Chain drive : A flexible device for power transmission, hoisting, or conveying, consisting of an endless chain whose links mesh with toothed wheels fastend to the driving and driven shafts.

Chain gear : A gear that transmits motion from one wheel to another by means of a chain.

Chase ring : In hobbing, the ring which restrains the blank from spreading during hob sinking.

Chucking : The grasping of an outsize workpiece in a chuck or jawed device in a lathe.

Circle shear : A shearing machine that cuts circular disks from a metal sheet rolling between the cutting wheels.

Clamshell bucket : A two-sided bucket used in a type of excavator to dig in a vertical direction; the bucket is dropped while its leaves are open and digs as they close. Also known as clamshell grab.

Claw coupling : A loose coupling having projections or claws cast on each face which engage in corresponding notches in the opposite faces; used in situations in which shafts require instant connection.

Close-coupled pump : Pump with built-in electric motor (sometimes a steam turbine), with the motor drive and pump impeller on the same shaft.

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