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Mechanical Definitions

Closed-cycle turbine : A gas turbine in which essentially all the working medium is continuously recycled, and heat is transferred through the walls of a closed heater to the cycle

Closed nozzle : A fuel nozzle having a built-in valve inter-posed between the fuel supply and combustion chamber.

Clusec : A unit of power used to measure the power of evacuation of a vacuum pump, equal to the power associated with a leak rate of 1 centiliter per second at a pressure of 1 millitorr, or to approximately 1.33322 x 10-6 watt.

Cog belt : A flexible device used for timing and for slip-free power transmission.

Cold plate : An aluminum or other plate containing internal tubing through which a liquid coolant is forced, to absorb heat transferred to the plate by transistors and other components mounted on it. Also known as liquid-cooled dissipater.

Cold Working of Metals

Colloid mill : A grinding mill for the making of very fine dispersions of liquids or solids by breaking down particles in an emulsion or paste.

Column drill : A tunnel rock drill supported by a vertical steel column.

Combination saw : A saw made in various tooth arrangement combinations suitable for ripping and crosscut mitering.

Combustion engine : An engine that operates by the energy of combustion of fuel.

Comfort control : Control of temperature, humidity, flow, and composiotion of air by using heating and air-conditioning systems, ventilators, or other systems to increase the comfort of people in an enclosure.

Compactor : Machine designed to consolidate earth and paving materials by kneading, weight, vibration, or impact, to sustain loads greater than those sustained in an uncompacted state.

Compound engine : A multicylinder-type displacement engine, using steam, air, or hot gas, where expansion proceeds successively (sequentially).

Compound lever : A train of levers in which motion or force is transmitted from the arm of one lever to that of the next.

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