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Mechanical Definitions

Eccentric : A device which is used on engines to change the rotary motion of the crankshaft into a reciprocating motion of the slide valve.

Eccentric adjustment : The process of bringing related parts into proper adjustment by turning an eccentrically bored bushing.

Eccentric clamp : It is a quick-acting clamping device that works on the principle of the eccentricity.

Eccentric signal : It is a survey signal whose position is not in a vertical line with the station it is representing.

Eccentricity : An important parameter of the orbit that defines its absolute shape. It may be interpreted as the deviation of the centers of two circles from one another.

Eccentric turning : The lathe turning work is not concentric with the axis. A mandrel is used with two sets of centers that offset the amount required for the eccentricity needed.

Edging machine : It is used for folding edges on pieces of sheet metal. Edging machine is also called an adjustable bar folder.

Ejector : On a punch-press, a ring, collar or disk actuated by spring pressure or by pressure of a rubber disk, to remove blanks from the injector of compound and other dises. It is also known as "shedder".

Ejector plate : It is the plate backing up the ejector pins and holding the ejector assembly together.

Electric boiler : It is a steam generator which is using electric energy, in immersion, resistor, or electricode elements as the source of heat.

Electric coupling : It is a magnetic-field coupling between the shaft of a driver and a driven machine.

Electric driver : It is a mechanism that transmits motion from one shaft to another and controls the velocity ratio of the shafts by electrical means.

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