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Mechanical Definitions

Electrolytic grinding : A combined grinding and machining operation in which the abrasive, cathodic grinding wheel is in contact with the anodic workpiece beneath the surface of an electrolyte.

Electromachining : It is an application of electric or ultrasonic energy to a workpiece to effect the removal of material.

Electromagnetic clutch : A clutch which is based on magnetic coupling between conductors, such as a magnetic fluid and power clutch, an eddy-current clutch, or a hysteresis clutch. It is angaged and disengaged by an electromagnetic actuator.

Electromechanical : Pertaining to a mechanical device, system or process which is electrostatically or electromagnetically actuated or controlled.

Electromechanics : The technology of mechanical devices, systems or processes which are electrostatically or electromagnetically actuated or controlled. Electromechanics combines the sciences of electromagnetism of electrical engineering and mechanics.

Electronic flame safeguard : It is an electrode which is used in a burner system that detects the main burner flame and interrupts fuel flow if the flame is not detected.

Electronic humidistat : A humidistat in which a change in the relative humidity causes a change in the electrical resistance between two sets of alternate metal conductors mounted on a small flat plate with plastic coating, and this change in resistance is measured by a relay amplifier.

Electronic thermometer : In electronic thermometer a sensor (usually a thermistor) is placed near or on the object being measured.

Electrostatic separator : It is a device for separating particles by mass in a low energy charged beam. In this finely pulverized mixture falls through a powerful electric field between two electrodes; material shaving different specific inductive capacitances are deflected by varying amounts and fall into different sorting chutes.

Elevator dredge : It is a dredge which has a chain of buckets, usually flattened across the front and mounted on a nearly vertical ladder. It is used principally for excavation of sand and gravel beds under bodies of water.

Elliptic gear : It is a change gear made of two elliptically shaped gears, each rotating about one of its focal points.

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