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Mechanical Definitions

Emery-Dietz gravity corer : A tube, which weights attached, which forces sediment samples into its interior as it is dropped on the ocean bottom.

End-feed centerless grinding : Centerless grinding in which the piece is fed through grinding and regulating wheels to an end stop.

End loader : A platform elevator at the rear of a truck. It is a type of construction equipment machinery which loads material.

End mills : It is a machine which has a rotating shank-type milling cutter at the end and spiral blades on the peripheral surface. It is used for shaping and cutting metal.

End play : An axial movement in a shaft-and-bearing assembly which results from clearances between the components.

Energy Conversion

Engineering Materials

Engineering Try Square : A device used to check and mark out right angles on materials for cutting or shaping.

Eutectic alloys : These kind of alloys are made up of two metals entirely soluble in each other when liquid but on "setting or freezing" the crystals of the individual metal form. e.g. aluminium and silicon, cadmium and bismuth, cadmium and zinc, silver and lead.

Expansion reamer : A reamer which admits of a limited amount of adjustment for size. Such adjustment is usually through wedge action controlled by a screw. It is a type of hand reamer which can be expanded with a screw depending on the diameter of the hole.

Extension tap : It is a tap which has an extra long shank to permit tapping in places difficult to reach as for set screws in the hub of a pulley.

External combustion engine : The type of engine in which the combustion of fuel occurs within cylinder of engine. Petrol engines, diesel engines, gas engines for example.

Eye bolt : An eye bolt is a screw with a loop on one end and threads on the other end. The loop(or eye) recieves a pin, stud, or hook, which takes the pull of the bolt.

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