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Mechanical Definitions

Electric ignition : It is ab ignition of a charge of fuel vapour and air in an internal combustion engine by passing a high voltage electric curent between two electrodes in the combustion chamber.

Electric locomotive : It is a locomotive operated by electric power from an external source. Sources include a system of continuous overhead wires, or sometimes, a third rail mounted alongside the track, or an on-board electricity storage device.

Electric power system : It is a complex assemblage of equipment and circuits for generating, transmitting, transforming, and distributing electric energy. It transforms other types of energy into electrical energy and transmits this energy to a consumer.

Electric stacker : It is a stacker whose carriage is raised and lowered by a winch powered by electric storage batteries.

Electric vehicle : Any ground vehicle whose original source of energy is electric power, such as an electric car or electric locomotive. It has one or more electric motors for propultion. Often called electric drive vehicle.

Electrodrill : It is a drilling machine which is driven by electric power.

Electrodynamic instrument : An instrument that depends for its operation on the reaction between the current in one or more movable coils and the current in one or more fixed coils. It measures electric charge or electrical potential defference. Also known as electrodynamometer.

Electrodynamic wattmeter : An electrodynamic instrument connected as a wattmeter, with the main current flowing through the fixed coil and a small current proportional to the voltage flowing through the movable coil. It is also called moving-coil wattmeter.

Electroexplosive : It is an initiator or a system in which an electric impulse initiates detonation or deflagration of an explosive.

Electrograph : Any plot, graph or tracing produced by the action of an electric current on prepared sensitized paper (or other chart material) or by means of an electrically stylus or pen.

Electrokinetograph : An instrument used to measure ocean current velocities based on their electrical effects in the magnetic field of the earth. It measures motions of sea water from a moving vessel.

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