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Mechanical Definitions

Fabrication : The making of machines, structures, or process equipment for the chemical or fertilizer sector, by cutting, shaping and assembling components made from raw materials. In other way the manufacture of structural or electromechanical parts.

Face Milling : It is a process of milling flat surfaces perpendicular to the rotational axis of the cutting tool.

Failure Rate : It is the probability of failure per unit of time of items in operation. It can be estimated as a ratio of the number of failures to the accumulated operating time for the items. It is usually time dependent.

Fall block : It is a pulley block which rises and falls with the load on a lifting tackle.

Faller : It is a machine part whose operation depends on a falling action.

Fan : It is a device which consists of a rotating paddle wheel or an airscrew with or without casting for producing currents in order to circulate, exhaust, or deliver large volumes of air or gas. There is a vane to keep the sails of a windmill facing the direction of the wind.

Fan Rating : The head, quantity, power and efficiency expected from a fan operating at peak efficiency.

Fan Static Pressure : The total pressure rise diminished by the velocity pressure in the fan outlet.

Fan Test : It is a process of observing quantity, total pressure and power of air calculated by a fan running at a known constant speed.

Faucet : It is a fixture through which water is drawn from a pipe or vessel.

Feathering : It is a pitch position in a controllable-pitch propeller, used in the event of engine failure to stop the windmilling action, and occurs when the blade angel is about 90o to the plane of rotation. It is also called as Full Feathering.

Feed : It is a forward motion which is imparted to the cutters or drills of cutting or drilling machinery.

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