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Mechanical Definitions

Fire Bridge : It is a low wall separating the hearth and the grate in a reverberatory furnace.

Firecracker : A small device which is designed to produce a large amount of noise of an explosive charge. It has a fuse and wrapped in heavy paper casing, to contain the explosive compound.

Fire Detector : It is a temperature sensing device which is designed to sound an alarm to turn on a sprinkler system. Some fire detectors are designed to activate some other fire preventive measure at the first sign of fire.

Fire Door : A door used as a passive fire protection item within buildings to prevent the spread of fire or smoke.

Fire Extinguisher : It is an active fire protection device which is used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. It extinguishes fire by the ejection of a fire-inhibiting substance, such as water, carbon dioxide, gas or chemical foam.

Firefinder : It is an instrument which consists of a map a sightning device used in fire towers to locate forest fires.

Fire Pump : A pump which is used for fire protection purpose. It is a part of a fire sprinkler system's water supply.

Firing Machine : It is a mechanical stocker which is used to feed coal to a boiler furnace.

Firing Pressure : It is the highest pressure in an engine cylinder during combustion.

Fitting : It is a small auxiliary part of dimensions which is used in the assembly of an engine, piping system, machine or other apparatus.

Fixed-charge Problem : It is a linear programming problem in which each variable has a fixed-charge coefficiet in addition to the usual cost coefficient. The fixed charge is a nonlinear function and is acquired only when the variable appears in the solution with a positive level.

Fixed-feed Grinding : It is a process of feeding processed material to a grinding wheel, or vice versa in predetermined increments or at a given rate.

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