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Mechanical Definitions

Feeder Conveyor : It is a conveyor which is short and designed to transport materials to another conveyor. It is often called Stage Loader.

Feed Pipe : It is a pipe that conducts water to a boiler drum.

Feed Reel : It is a reel from which paper tape or magnetic tape is being fed.

Feed Trough : It is a container or device into which feed water overflows from a boiler drum.

Ferrometer : It is a device which is used to make permeability and hysteresis tests of iron and steel.

Field-strength Mater : It is a standardized radio receiver which is used to measure the field strength of radiated electromagnetic energy from a radio transmitter.

Fill Factor : It is an approximate load that the dipper of a shovelis carrying, expressed as a percentage of the rated capacity.

Filter : It is a porous article or material for separating suspended particulate matter from liquids by passing the liquid through the pores in the filter and sieving out the solids.

Filter Photometer : It is a colorimeter in which the length of light is selected by the use of appropriate glass filters.

Filter Pump : It is an aspirator or vacuum pump that creates a negative pressure on the filterate side of the filter to hasten the process of filtering.

Fineness Modulus : It is a number which describes the fitness of a fine aggregate or other fine material. Fineness modulus is a measurement of the fineness of a given aggregate.

Finned Surface : It is a tabular heatexchange surface which has extended projections on one side.

Firebox : The area where the fuel is burned, producing heat to boil the water in the boiler. It is a furnace of a locomotive or similar type of fire tube boiler.

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