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Mechanical Definitions

Fixed Point : It is a reproducible value as for temperature, used to standardize measurements derived from intrinsic properties of pure substances.

Fixture : It is a device which is used to hold objects in place and clamp them to machines or operating surfaces, so that the object can be machined or assembled.

Flagpole : It is rising from the ground and on which flags or other signals are displayed. On charts this term is used onlt when the pole is not attached to a building.

Flagstaff : It is a pole or staff on which flags or other signals are displayed.

Flame Arrester : It is an assembly of screens, perforated plates or metal-gauze packing attached to the breather vent on a flammable-produce storage tank. It is used on storage tank vents, fuel gas pipelines, storage cabinets, and the exhaust system of internal combustion engines.

Fluid Mechanics and Machines

Foundry and Production Technology

Fuel : It is a material which is burned or altered in order to obtain energy. Its energy can be stored to be released only when required and that the release is controlled in such a way that the energy can be harnessed to produce work.
  • Solid Fuels : These are used as fuel to produce energy and provide heating, usually released through combustion. For example, wood, lignite, coal, peat, etc.

  • Liquid Fuels : Derivatives of natural petroleum, petrol, diesel, etc.

  • Gaseous Fuels : It is a combustible gas that can be burned in a furnace or an engine. For example natural gas, coal gas, etc.

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