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Mechanical Definitions

Half-track : A civilian or military vehicle with regular wheels on the front for steering and two endless metal tracks or belts on the back on each side to drive the vehicle and carry most of the load. The revolving belts lay down on the ground to flexible track of cleated steel or hard rubber plats.

Hall-effect gaussmeter : A gaussmeter in which a thin piece of silicon or other semiconductor is placed between the poles of a magnet which measures magnetic field strength with the help of Hall-effect.

Hammer Mill : A machine or crusher which shreds material into small particles. It is essentially a steel drum which consists of pivoting hammers revolving rapidly in a vertical or horizontal plane.

Handcar : It is a small railroad car which is used to transport men and equipment for construction or repair work. It is also called a Pump Trolley or a Pump Car.

Hand Feed : It is a drilling machine in which the rate at which the bit is made to penetrate the rock is controlled by a hand operated ratchet and lever or a hand-turned wheel meshing with a screw mechanism.

Handhole : It is a shallow access hole but large enough for a hand to be inserted for maintenance or repair of machinery.

Hand Level : It is a hand-held surveyor's level, basically a telescope with a bubble tube attached so the position of the bubble can be seen when looking through the telescope.

Hand Truck : It is an L-shaped handcart with handles at the top and wheels at the base with a plate to put the load. It is also called a stack truck or a trolley.

Hand Winch : It is a winch which is operated by hand.

Hanging-drop Atomizer : It is an atomizer tool which is used in gravitational atomization, functions by quasi-static emission of a drop from a watted surface. It can be called pendant atomizer.

Hanging Load : The weight that can be suspended or supported by a bearing is called Hanging Load. It can be suspended on a hoist line or hook device in a drill tripod or derrick without causing to buckle the members of the derrick or tripod.

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