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Mechanical Definitions

Heavy-duty car : It is a railway motorcar which can weigh more than 1400 pounds driven by an engine of 12-30 horsepower. It is designed to haul heavy equipment and for hump-yard service.

Heavy Section Car : It is a railway motorcar which can weigh 1200-1400 pounds and driven by an 8-12 horsepower engine.

Heel Block : It is a block or plate which is usually fixed on the die shoe. It minimizes deflection of a punch or cam.

Heeling Adjuster : It is a dip needle having sliding weight which can be moved along one of its arms to balance the magnetic force. It is used to determine the correct position of a heeling magnet.

Heeling Magnet : It is used to correct the heeling error a permanent magnet is placed vertically in a tube under the center of a marine magnetic compass.

Heel of a shot : In terms of blasting, the front or face of a shot is farthest from the charge. The distance between the mouth of a drill hole and the corner of the nearest free face. It is a portion of a drill hole which is filled with the tamping.

Horsepower : It is a non-metric unit for measurement of mechanical power. 1 horsepower is equal to 745.699872 watts.

Hydraulic Jump : It takes place when a rapidly flowing liquid streams in an open channel suddenly changes to a slowly flowing stream with a larger cross-sectional area and a sudden rise in elevation of liquid surface occurs. It is a phenomenon in the science of hydraulics which is frequently observed in open channel flow such as rivers and spillways.

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