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Mechanical Definitions

Harpoon Log : It is a cylindrical log with a device for registering distance. It consists essentially of a rotator and distance registering device combined a single unit and towed through the water. It has been largely replaced by the taffrail log. The two types of logs are similar except that the taffrail and only the rotator is in the water.

Hartford Loop : It is an arrangement of piping between a steam boiler's header and its gravity return piping. In other words, it is a condensate return arrangement for low-pressure, steam-heating systems featuring a steady water line in the boiler.

Hayward Grab Bucket : It is a clamshell type of grab bucket which is used to handle coal, sand, gravel and other flowable materials.

Hayward Orange-Peel : It is a grab bucket which operates like clamshell but it has four blades pivoted to close.

Head Meter : It is a flowmeter which depends upon change of pressure head to operate.

Head Motion : It is a vibrator on a reciprocating table concentrator that imparts motion to the deck.

Head Pulley : It is a pulley which is placed on the discharge end of a conveyor belt. It may be an idler or driver pulley.

Head Section : It is a part of a conveyor belt that consists of a drive pulley, a head pulley, belt idlers if included and the necessary framing. In head section a head pulley may or may not be a drive pulley.

Head Shaft : It is a shaft that is driven by a chain conveyor. It serves as the mount for a sprocket which drives the drag chain.

Head Stock : It is a device on a lathe which carries the revolving spindle. It is a removable head of certain measuring machines.

Head Up : It is used to tighten bolts on a hatch cover. It also can be used to access hole plate to prevent leakage from or into an operating vessel.

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