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Mechanical Definitions

Hard Hat : It is a type of helmet having metal crown. It is used by construction workers and miners for safety.

Harding feeder-weigher : It is a pivoted short belt conveyor which can control the rate of material flow from a hopper by weight per cubic foot.

Hardinge Mill : It is a tricone type of ball mill. It has a flattish cone at feed end followed by a cylindrical drum finishing with a steep cone leading to the discharge end.

Hardinge Thickener : It is a machine used to remove maximum amount of liquid from a mixture of liquid. Finally it divides solids by allowing the solids to settle out on the bottom as sludge while the liquid over flows at the top.

Hardness : It is a property of an installation, facility, transmission link or equipment which prevents an unacceptable level of damage.

Hardness Number : A number that represents the relative hardness of a mineral, metal or other material determined by any of more than 30 different hardness tests.

Hardness Test : A test that determines the relative hardness of a mineral, metal or other material according to one of several scales such as Brinell, Vicker, Shore or Moths.

Hardwood Bearing : It is a fluid-film bearing that is made of lignum vitae which has a natural gum. It also can be made of hard maple which is impregnated with oil, grease or wax.

Hardy Plankton Indicator : It is a metal-shrouded net which is designed for collecting specimens of plankton during normal passage of a ship.

Hare's Hydrometer : It is a type of hydrometer in which the ratio of the densities of two liquids are determined. The densities are determined by measuring the heights to which they rise in two vertical glass tubes, connected at their upper ends when section is applied.

Harmonic Speed Changer : It is a mechanical-drive system which is used to transmit rotary, linear or angular motion at high ratios and with positive motion.

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