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Mechanical Definitions

Ice buoy : It is a sturdy buoy which is used for replacing a damaged buoy when a heavy ice anticipates. It is generally a metal spar.

Idler Pulley : A pulley is called idler pulley which is required to guide and tight the belt or chain of a conveyor system.

Idling System : It is a system which obtains adequate metering forces at low airspeeds and small throttle openings in an automobile carburetor.

Imaging Radar : It is a type of radar which is placed on aircraft to form images of the object.

Impact Grinding : It is a process of breaking up particles by direct fall of crushing bodies on them.

Impact Screen : It is a type of screen which is designed to swing or rock forward when loaded and to stop suddenly by coming in contact with stop.

Impeller Pump : A type of pump which is used to provide continuous power to transfer liquids.

Impulse Sealing : The process of heat sealing for plastic material. In impulse sealing a pulse of intense thermal energy is applied to the sealing area followed by cooling immediately.

Inboard : Relatively close or toward the longitudinal axis of a ship or aircraft.

Inclined-tube manometer : It is a glass-tube manometer used to extend the scale for more minute readings. It has the leg inclined from the vertical.

Increaser : It is an adapter used to connect a small diameter pipe to a large diameter pipe.

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