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Mechanical Definitions

Infrared Homing : The process of homing in which the target is tracked with the help of its emitted infrared radiation.

Initial Saturation : It is a relative content of oil, water and gas of a reservoir.

Inkometer : It is a measuring instrument used to measure the adhesiveness of liquid as it is applied to paper from rotating drums.

Instantaneous Cut : It is a cut which is set off by instantaneous detonators to be certain that all charges in the cut go off at the same time. All the holes break smaller top angles because the drilling and ignition are carried out.

Intake Stroke : The fluid admission phase or travel of a reciprocating piston and cylinder mechanism as, for example, in an engine, pump or compressor. The first stroke in the sequence is the intake stroke.

Intake Valve : A type of valve which opens to allow air or an air-fuel mixture to enter the engine cylinder.

Integrating Galvanometer : It is a modified d'Arsonval galvanometer which is used to measure the integral of current over time. It is designed to measure changes of flux in an exploring coil which last over periods of several minutes.

Integrating Water Sampler : It is a water sampling tool or device which comprises a cylinder with a free piston whose movement is regulated by the fresh water's evacuation.

Intercondenser : It is a condenser between stages of a multistage steam jet pump.

Intercooler : It is a heat exchanger for cooling a fluid between successive heating stages with consequent saving in power. It is also called as Charge Air Cooler.

Intermediate Gear : It is an idler gear which is interposed between driver and driven gear in an automatic transmission.

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