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Mechanical Definitions

Internal Brake : It is a friction brake in which an internal shoe follows the inner surface of the rotating brake drum. Then it wedges itself between the drum and the point at which it is anchored. Internal brake is used in motor vehicles.

Internal Furnace : It is a boiler furnace which is having a firebox within a water-cooled heating surface.

Internal Grinder : It is a machine which grinds the surfaces of holes.

Intertube Burner : It is a type of burner which utilizes a nozzle that discharges between adjacent tubes.

Inverse Cam : It is a type of cam which is designed to act as a follower instead of a driver.

Inversion Temperature : The temperature to which one junction of a thermocouple must be raised to make the thermoelectric electromotive force in the circuit equal to zero when the other junction of the thermocouple is held at a low temperature which is constant.

Inverted Engine : A type of engine in which the cylinders are below the crankshaft.

Involute Spline Broach : It is a type of broach which is designed to cut multiple keys in the form of internal or external involute gear teeth.

Ion Implantation : It is a process of materials engineering by which ions of a material can be implanted into another solid, thereby changing the physical properties of the solid.

Ionosonde : It is a special radar to examine the ionosphere. It is used in order to find the best frequency for finding operation frequencies in the shortwave range. It is also known as Chirpsounder.

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