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Mechanical Definitions

Index Center : One of two machine-tool centers is used for holding work and rotating it by a fixed amount.

Index Counter : It is a counter which indicates revolutions of the tape supply reel and makes it possible to index selections within a reel of tape.

Index Error : It is an error which occurs because of misalignment of the vernier and the graduated circle of an instrument.

Indicator : An instrument is used to obtain a diagram of the pressure-volume which changes in a running positive-displacement engine, compressor or pump cylinder during the working cycle.

Indirect Cost : It is a cost which is not readily identifiable with or chargeable to a specific product or service.

Induction Burner : It is a fuel-air burner in which the fuel is fed under pressure to entrain required air into the combustion nozzle area.

Induction Log : It is an electric log of the conductivity of rock. The depth is obtained by lowering into an uncased borehole a generating coil which induces eddy currents on the rocks and these are detected by a receiver coil.

Induction Pump : A type of pump which is operated by electromagnetic induction.

Inertia Governor : It is a speed-control device or tool which utilizes suspended masses that respond to speed changes by reason of their inertia.

Inertia Starter : It is a device or tool which utilizes inertial principles to start the rotator of an internal combustion engine.

Inert Primer : It is a type of cylinder that enshrouds a detonator without interfering with the detonation of the explosive charge.

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