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Mechanical Definitions

Jack: It is a mechanical device which is used to lift heavy loads or apply great forces through a short distance. It is operated by a lever, a screw or a hydraulic press.

Jacket : The space through which a cooling liquid circulates around an engine cylinder.

Jackhammer : It is a hand-held percussive drill operated by compressed air. It is used for drilling rock and breaking up pavement. It is also known as Pneumatic Drill.

Jack Ladder : It is a V-shaped trough holding chain which is toothed endless. It is used in order to move logs from pond to sawmill.

Jackleg : It is a supporting bar used in a jackhammer.

Jackscrew : It is a type of jack which is operated by turning a leadscrew. It is also known as a screw jack. It is commonly used as car-jacks.

Jackshaft : It is a common mechanical component which is designed to transfer or synchronize rotational force in a machine. It also known as a Countershaft.

Jaw : It is a notched part which allows a railroad-car axle box to move vertically.

Jaw Crusher : It is a machine designed to break rock between two steel jaws, one fixed and the other being moved back. It is also termed as Jawbreaker.

Jeep : It is a small durable general-purpose motor vehicle with four-wheel drive and a quarter-ton capacity which is commonly used in military services.

Jet Condenser : It is a direct-contact steam condenser designed to utilize the aspirating effect of a jet for the removal of noncondensables.

Jet Hole : It is a borehole which is drilled by use of a directed, forceful stream of fluid or air.

Jet Molding : The process of molding in which most of the heat is applied to the material in order to mold the material as it passes through a nozzle or jet, rather than in a conventional heating cylinder.

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