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Mechanical Definitions

Jig Grinder : A type of precision grinding machine which is used in order to locate and grind holes to size especially in hardened steels and carbides.

Jigsaw : It is a tool designed to cut arbitrary curves, such as stenciled designs or other custom shapes into a piece of wood or similar material.

Job Shop : The shops which are typically small manufacturing operations. They handle specialized manufacturing processes such as small customer orders or small batch jobs. Job shops typically move on to different jobs (possibly with different customers) when each job is completed.

Jogged : A piece is called jogged which is notched or has a projection or depression.

Joggle : It is a projecting pin or ridge on a casting. It fits into a groove on the piece to which the casting is to be fitted. It is designed in order to serve to properly locate casting and to make more secure joint.

Joiner : A woodworker who cuts and fits joints in wood is called joiner.

Joinery : That part of woodworking which involves joining together pieces of wood to create structures.

Joint : The location at which two or more mechanical or structural components make contact.

Joint Clearance : The distance between mating surfaces of a joint is called Joint Clearance.

Jointer : It is a woodworking machine which is used for producing a flat surface on a board in woodworking. It produces flat edges on boards prior to joining them edge-to-edge to produce wider boards. It is also known as planer or surface planer and sometimes also as a buzzer or flat top.

Jolly Balance : It is a spring balance that is used for measuring specific gravity of mineral specimens by weighing a specimen when in the air and when embedded in a liquid of known density.

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