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Mechanical Definitions

Jet Pump : A type of pump in which an accelerating jet entrains a second fluid to deliver it at increased pressure.

Jet Spinning : A technique of producing plastic fibers which is similar to melt spinning. In this process a directed blast or jet of hot gas pulls the molten polymer from a die lip.

jettison : The process of discarding objects overboard.

Jewel Bearing : A type of bearing which is used in precision time keeping devices, gyros and other instruments. Commonly it is made of synthetic corundum.

Jib Boom : It is an extension which is pivoted to the upper end of a crane boom.

Jib Crane : A type of crane in which a horizontal member (jib) supporting a moveable hoist. It is fixed to a wall or to a floor-mounted pillar. The jib may swing through an arc in order to give additional lateral movement or be fixed.

Jig : It is a machine to dye piece goods by moving the clothe through the dye liquor on rollers.
A device designed in order to position and hold parts for machining operations and to guide the cutting tools.
It is a vibrating device which cleans the coal and the ore is concentrated in water.

Jig Back : It is an aerial ropeway in which a pair of cabins (containers) that move in opposite directions but do not pass around the terminals. Each cabin is suspended from a cable and pulled by another cable. It is also termed as reversible tramway or to-and-fro ropeway.

Jig Boring : The process of boring used to guide the tools and operated upon a piece of work.

Jig Bushing : It is a hardened-steel bushing used to guide the drills and inserted into the face of a jig.

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