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Mechanical Definitions

Jolt Molding : A technique of shaping refractory blocks in which a mold that contains prepared batch is jolted mechanically to consolidate the material.

Jordan : It is a machine which is designed to refine paper pulp through a rotating cone with cutters.

Journal : It is a section of a shaft or crank which contacts and turns in a bearing.

Journal Box : It is a metal housing for journal and its bearing.

Journal Friction : The friction of an axle in a journal bearing which arises mainly from viscous sliding friction between journal and lubricant.

Jump : The process used to shorten and thicken a piece of metal by hammering on the end of a bar. It is used in forgings.

Jump Spark : It is a spark which is produced by electricity jumping across a fixed gap, between the joints of a spark plug for example.

Junction Box : It is a container for electrical junctions. Usually it is intended to conceal them from sight and to some extent to eliminate tampering. It can be made of a metal or plastic.

Junkers Engine : It is a double-opposed-piston and two-cycle internal combustion engine with intake and exhaust ports at opposite ends of the cylinder.

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