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Mechanical Definitions

Ladder Drilling : It is an arrangement of retractable drills having pneumatic powered legs mounted on banks of steel ladders connected to a holding frame. It is used in large-scale rock tunneling. The advantage is, drills can be worked at the same time by a small labor force.

Ladder Trencher : It is a machine which digs trenches by a bucket-ladder excavator. It can be termed as ladder ditcher.

Lance Door : The door to a boiler furnace is called Lance Door by which a hand lance is inserted.

Latent Load : The process of cooling which is required in order to remove unwanted moisture from an air-conditioned space.

Lathe : It is a machine used for shaping a workpiece by gripping it in a holding device and rotating it under power against a suitable cutting tool. It is used to perform various operations such as turning, boring, facing, or threading.

Leading Truck : It is a swiveling frame with wheels under the front end of a locomotive. In other words, the leading truck of a steam locomotive is an unpowered wheel or axle located in front of the driving wheels. It is used to help the locomotive negotiate curves and to support the front portion of the boiler. Locomotives without leading trucks are generally considered as unsuitable for high speed use.

Lead Screw : It is a threaded shaft which is used to convert rotation to longitudinal motion. In a lathe it is used to move the tool carriage when cutting threads. In a disk recorder it is used to guide the cutter at a desired rate across the surface of an ungrooved disk. The mechanical advantage of a leadscrew is determined by the screw pitch or lead.

Lean Mixture : It is a fuel-air mixture which contains a low percentage of fuel and a high percentage of air, as compared with a normal or rich mixture. It is also called lean fuel mixture.

Level Valve : It is a valve operated by a lever which travels by a maximum arc of 180.

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