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Mechanical Definitions

Loading Station : It is a device which is used to receive material and put it on a conveyor. It may be one or more plates or a hopper.

Locating Hole : A hole is called locating hole when it is used to position the part in relation to a cutting tool or to other parts and gage points.

Locomotive Crane : It is a crane which is used by railroads with flanged wheels. In other words, a crane mounted on a railroad car or on a flatcar is called locomotive crane. It is also called Rail Crane.

Lost Motion : The delay between the movement of a driver and the movement of a follower, due to faulty fittings, etc.

Lowenherz Thread : It is a German thread which has flats at top and root. It is similar in appearance to U.S.S thread but having a different included angle.

Lower Pair : It is a link in a mechanism in which the mating parts have surface contact.

Lowest Safe Waterline : The lowest water level in a boiler drum is called lowest safe waterline at which the burner may safely operate.

Low-intensity atomizer : It is a type of electrostatic atomizer which operates on the principle that atomization is the result of Raleigh instability, in which the presence of charge in the surface counteracts surface tension.

Low-level Condenser : It is a type of direct-contact water-cooled steam condenser which uses a pump in order to remove liquid from a vacuum space.

Low-lift Truck : It is a hand or powered lift truck which is used to raise the load sufficiently to make it mobile.

Low-pressure Area : The point in a bearing is called low-pressure area where the pressure is the least and the area or space for a lubricant is the greatest.

Low-water fuel cutoff : It is a float device which is used to shut off fuel supply and burner when boiler water level drops below the lowest safe waterline.

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