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Mechanical Definitions

Linkage : It is a mechanism in which two or more links are movable with respect to a fixed link.

Linter : It is a machine which removes fuzz linters from ginned cotton.

Liquid-cooled Engine : It is an internal combustion engine which consists a jacket cooling system in which liquid (usually water) is circulated in order to maintain acceptable operating temperatures of machine parts.

Liquid Piston Rotary Compressor : It is a type of rotary compressor in which a multiblade rotor revolves in a casing partly filled with liquid, as water.

Live Axle : An axle to which wheels are rigidly fixed. It uses the driveshafts that transmit power to the wheels to connect the wheels laterally so that they move together as a unit.

Live Center : A lathe center is called live center which fits into the headstock spindle.

Live-roller Conveyor : It is a conveying machine which is used to move objects over a series of rollers by means of the application of power to all or some of the rollers.

Ljungstrom Heater : A type of heat-transfer air heater made of slow-moving rotors packed with closely spaced metal plates or wires with a housing in order to confine the hot and cold gases to opposite sides.

Ljungstrom Steam Turbine : It is a radial outward-flow turbine which has two opposed rotation rotors.

Load-and-carry Equipment : It is an earth-moving equipment which loads and transports material.

Loader : It is a type of construction equipment such as a shovel that is primarily used to load material in bulk.

Loading Head : It is a part of a loader which is used to collect the bulk materials.

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