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Mechanical Definitions

Levitated Vehicle : It is a train or other vehicle which travels at high speed at some distance above an electrically conducting track with the help of levitation.

Lifting Block : It is a combination of pulleys and ropes which permits heavy weights to be lifted with least effort.

Lift Pump : It is a type of pump used to lift fluid to the pump's own level.

Lift Truck : It is a powered industrial truck used to lift and transport materials. It can be hand or power operated. It can be called a high/low, a forklift, a stacker-truck, or a sideloader.

Lift Valve : It is a valve which moves perpendicularly to the plane of the valve seat.

Lilly Controller : It is a device placed on steam and electric winding engines which protects against overspeed, overwind and other incidents which are injurious to workers and the engine.

Limited-rotation Hydraulic Actuator : It is a hydraulic actuator which produces limited reciprocating rotary force and motion. It is used for lifting, lowering, opening, closing, indexing, and transferring movements. The piston-rack actuator, single-vane actuator, and double-vane actuator for example.

Limit Governor : It is a type of mechanical governor which takes over control from the main governor in order to shut the machine down when speed reaches a predetermined excess above the allowable rate. It can be termed as topping governor.

Linear Actuator : It is a device which is used to convert some kind of power, such as hydraulic or electric power into linear motion.

Line of Action : The locus of contact points as gear teeth profiles go through mesh.

Line Space Lever : It is a lever on a typewriter which is used to move the carriage to a new line.

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