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Mechanical Definitions

Rack and Pinion : It is a pair of gears which convert rotational motion into linear motion. The circular pinion engages teeth on a rack (flat bar). Rotational motion applied to the pinion will cause the rack to move to the side, up to the limit of its travel.

Radial Bearing : It is a bearing with rolling contact in which the direction of action of the load transmitted is radial to axis of the shaft.

Radial Drill : It is a drilling machine in which the drill spindle can be moved along a horizontal arm that itself can be rotated about a vertical pillar.

Radial-flow Turbine : It is a turbine in which the gases flow primarily in a radial direction.

Radial Locating : It is one of three locating problems in tooling to maintain the desired relationship between the workpiece, the cutter, and the body of the machine tool. The other two locating problems are concentric and plane locating.

Radial Rake : It is the angle between the cutter tooth face and a radial line which is passing through the cutting edge in a plane perpendicular to the cutter axis.

Radiant-type Boiler : It is a water-tube boiler in which boiler tubes form the boundary of the furnace.

Ram-type Turret Lathe : It is a horizontal turret lathe in which the turret is mounted on a ram or slide that rides on a saddle.

Rankine Efficiency : The efficiency of an ideal engine which is operating on the Rankine cycle under specified conditions of steam temperature and pressure.

Ratchet Coupling : It is a coupling between two shafts which uses a ratchet to allow the driven shaft to be turned in one direction only and also to permit the driven shaft to overrun the driving shaft.

Rated Horsepower : It is the normal maximum, allowable, continuous power output of an engine, turbine motor or other prime mover.

Ratio of Expansion : The ratio of the volume of steam in the cylinder of an engine when the piston is at the end of a stroke to that when the piston is in the cutoff position.

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