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Mechanical Definitions


Rock Channeler : It is a machine which is used in quarrying to cut an artificial seam in a mass of stone.

Roller Bearing : It is a shaft bearing which is characterized by parallel or tapered steel rollers which are confined between outer and inner rings.

Roller Cam Follower : It is a follower which consists of a rotatable wheel at the end of the shaft.

Rope Drive : It is a system of ropes which is running in grooved pulleys or sheaves used to transmit power over distances too great for belt drives.

Rotary : It is a machine in which power is supplied directly to vanes or other rotary parts. For example a turbine.

Rotary Belt Cleaner : It is a series of blades which are symmetrically spaced about the axis of rotation and caused to scrape or beat against the conveyor belt for cleaning.

Rotary Crane : It is a crane consists of a boom which is pivoted to a fixed or movable structure.

Rotary Drill : It is a drill machine that rotates a rigid, tubular string of rods with a rock cutting bit, an oil well drilling apparatus for example.

Rotary Table : It is a milling machine attachment which consists of a round table with T-shaped slots and rotated through a handwheel actuating a worm and worm gear.

Run-off Pit : It is a Catchment area to which spillage from classifiers, thickeners and slurry pump can gravitate when it becomes necessary to dump their content.

Run-of Mill : It is an ore which is accepted for treatment, after waste and dense media rejection. It is also termed as Mill-head Ore.

Rupture Disk Device : It is a nonreclosing pressure relief device which is used to relieve the inlet static pressure in a system by the bursting of a disk.

Rust : It is a general term for a series of iron oxides which are usually red oxides formed by the reaction of iron with oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture.

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