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Mechanical Definitions

Reach Rod : It is a rod motion in a link which is used in order to transmit motion from the reversing rod to the lifting shaft.

Reaction Turbines : It is turned by reactive force rather than by a direct push or impulse. In reaction turbine the water enters the wheel under pressure and flows over the vanes. It uses mechanical force to push the material by physically lifting or by the force of compression.

Reaction Wheel : It is a device which is capable to store angular momentum which may be used in a space ship in order to provide torque to effect or maintain a given orientation.

Reamer : It is a tool which is used for finishing and giving accurate size to the drilled holes.

Receiving Station : It is a location or a device on conveyor systems where bulk material is loaded or otherwise received onto the conveyor.

Reciprocating Compressor : It is a compressor which uses pistons which are driven by a crankshaft to deliver gases at high pressure.

Reciprocating Flight Conveyor : It is a reciprocating beam with hinged flights which advance materials along a conveyor trough.

Reciprocating-plate Feeder : It is a back-and-forth shaking tray which is designed to feed abrasive materials, pulverized coal, into process units, for example.

Reciprocating Screen : It is a horizontal solids-separation screen (sieve) which is oscillated back and forth by an eccentric gear. It is used for solids classification.

Redler Conveyor : It is a conveyor in which material is dragged through a duct by skeletonized or U-shaped impellers which move the material in which they are submerged because the resistance to slip through the element is greater than the drag against the walls of the duct.

Reduction Gear : It is a gear train which lowers the output speed.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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