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Mechanical Definitions

Back-draft damper : A damper with blades actuated by gravity, permitting air to pass through them in one direction only.

Backing pump : A vacuum pump, in a vacuum system using two pumps in tandem, which works directly to the atmosphere and reduces the pressure to an intermediate value, usually between 100 and 0.1 pascals. It is also known as Fore Pump.

Backwater valve : A type of check valve in a drainage pipe where reversal of flow causes the valve to close and cutting of flow. It is also known as Back Flow Valve.

Baler : A machine which takes large quantities of raw or finished materials and binds them with rope or metal straps or wires into a large package.

Ball-bearing hinge : A hinge is equipped with ball bearings between the hinge knuckles in order to reduce friction.

Band brake : A band brake is a steel or Invar tape, graduated in feet and at least 100 feet i.e. 30.5 meters long which can be used for accurate surveying.

Batcher : A machine in which the ingredients of concrete are measured and combined into batches before being discharged to the concrete mixer.

Bearing : A machine part that supports another part which rotates, slides or oscillates in or on it.

Belt drive : A belt drive is used for transferring motion from one pulley to another pulley using a belt.

Belt sander : A belt sander is a portable, power-driven abrasive coated continues belt.

Bending machine : A machine for bending a metal or wooden part by pressure. It can also be known as bender.

Bendix-Weiss universal joint : A universal joint that provides for constant angular velocity of the driven shaft by transmitting the torque through a set of four balls lying in the plane that contains the bisector and is perpendicular to the plane of the angle between the shafts.

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